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Chet Wise AKA Dawg Dude

I have been a dog guy all my life.  5 years ago, I embarked on a career change as a trick dog trainer through the Do More With Your Dog Instructor Certification Program


Teaching tricks drastically changed the methods I used with my dogs.  My focus is now more on the choices made by the dog and engagement as the primary reinforcer.  I still use a clicker sometimes, and I still use treats and toys and all the other available techniques and tools used by positive reinforcement trainers the world over.  My training techniques seek to remove food from the equation as fast as possible and create a game with the dog where they learn the things you want by figuring it out themselves.  They solve a puzzle and win prizes, games and fun in return.

To me a dog is more than a thing to program with your favorite behaviors.  They are a being who wants more than anything, your attention and focus.  We learn as much from our dogs as they learn from us if we know how to pay attention to them.  This is the evolution of my training style.  I offer in home one on one lessons, in the park group lessons, and workshops specific to tricks and the concept of "Organic Dog Training".

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