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I come to your home to provide focused instruction for your family and dogs on the problems you need help with most.



This option is best suited to dogs who have difficulty focusing in a classroom environment, or who exhibit problems in the home with and classroom instruction isn't helping.  

Bolting at doors, jumping on guests, counter surfing and other unwanted behaviors aren't difficult to change once you begin responding to these behaviors instead of reacting to them. Learn what your dog finds reinforcing and how to easily change these behaviors by rewarding behaviors you want and ignoring those you don't.

My goal is to make "you" your dog's greatest reward.


I meet with 2 or more people in a nearby park or stores where pets are allowed, and coach students through Denise Fenzi's "Beyond The Backyard" classroom curriculum.  This is designed to follow the Companion 2 class based on the same book. This class is taught at Dog Days Northwest in Vancouver WA. 


The focus of the class is getting your dog to follow cues in a more realistic distracting environment beyond the classroom or home environment.  This could be taken in conjunction with the Companion 2 class.

15/hour/student Minimum 2 students.  

This option is best for people who have dogs who listen to them everywhere except out in public. They should readily follow basic obedience cues in the home and in a classroom environment.

Housecalls - Vancouver/Portland
Training In The Park - Companion Dog Level 3
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