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Zak George has risen to the top of my favorite YouTube trainers.  His videos are as high quality as you can get, and his technique is spot on.  If you have a problem with your dog, chances are Zak has more than one video on the subject.

Zak makes it fun to train your dog, and he gives you practical methods to get the most out of your relationship with your dog.  He stresses relationship and training the dog from the inside out, these are in line with the training methods I refer to as Organic Dog Training.  He's been doing it organically for a long time now and his concept of a Positive Dog Training Revolution is something I'm behind 100 percent.

I first met Sara Carson when I became a CTDI with DMWYD, she had been a CTDI for some time and fascinated me with the high level of trick training that she was doing with her young Border Collie cross Hero.  Soon after that she went on The Late Show with David Letterman at the age of 18.  5 years later after much dedication and sacrifice plus a mountain of hard work and a pinch of luck, she found herself on America's Got Talent.  She almost got voted off but Simon saw something special and advocated for a change in votes which he got.  He said he saw something that the others had missed.  I saw that same thing when she appeared on Letterman. Sara and Hero finished 5th in the finals.  Sara's other dogs Loki and Marvel made surprise appearances as well.

Sara offers workshops and performances across North America and around the world.  She is a super talented energetic trainer with a great app that will help you unlock your dog's inner Hero. 

Download Puppr for iPhone or Android.

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